Best Ways to Earn Money From Web


  • Developing a mobile app or a software
  • E-Commerce
  • Ads
  • Sales Partnership
  • Giving Online Lessons

Today, I will talk about a few of them with lots of details, so just focus and read all of them carefully.

Developing a mobile app or a software

Everyone is trying to develop popular apps like Snapchat or Instagram. Even for developers, it’s the best target.

We are hearing news about new rich people. Can’t we create an app like them? Is it really that hard?

Actually to be real, it’s impossible for you to create an app which is same as Snapchat or Instagram without a team. You need a lot of money and a big team. If you ask me, don’t even try to do something like that without any knowledge.

Try to innovate and create new apps with powerful background, with that way, you will be much more successful. These doesn’t mean that don’t try to create an app like Snapchat or Instagram. Actually, like Instagram, is not a product which created with thousands of people. Little group of people created it. But Facebook found them and paid them to buy that app. As a result, they earned lots of money without any problems. Simple.

What I’m trying to say is, be creative. Don’t wait for someone to come and help you. Just try to innovate new apps, different than the others. Be different. Otherwise, it won’t work. You won’t get any help from this app, it won’t improve you and it won’t earn you any bucks.


E-Commerce is new and popular way to earning lots of money. If you ask me, this one is not easy too but with creative ideas, you won’t dig for nothing.

You had to decide the products which you want to sell. This product must be cheap, qualified, minimal and easy to ship. Now you just need to create a website and start selling.

Before you start, I highly suggest you to be sure about everything because after you start, you won’t have any chance to go back. After you are prepared completely, it’s time to go and do some ad campaigns.

Without any ads, you won’t be able to earn any money for sure. The reason why is that the other people which you decided to come to your website must be able to find you easily without any problem. You can make ads on Instagram, Google and on much more apps for cheap prices. At the beginning, you may lose lots of money but if you won’t give up, you will be succeeded for sure, no doubts.

So we have 3 stages. First, find a product to sell. You may create that product or you may find a distributor for any product. Second, you need a good website. Work hard on creating a website and do everything best. Lastly, you need to make some ads for your e-commerce website. Try good websites or Instagram pages to make your ads, these will help you to sell your products much more easy.

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