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Brief Presentation of the Rise of Civilizations Game


Rise of Civilizations Game is a mobile game and released by Lilith Games that a Chinese company in September. I started to play the game several weeks later after it released. I have been still playing it. Before playing it, many people consider it same as Clash of Clans or Clash of Kings video games. But, that’s the wrong idea. Because it is more original than them.


In the beginning, the game wants to you choose one of 8 different civilization. One of these, there is a different bonus and commander that has the different qualification. These civilizations are Rome, Germany, England, France, Spain, China, Japan, and Korea. You choose which civilization of these, buildings and graphics of soldiers taking shape according to it. These are nice details.

When we look in the game, world covered with mists. You need to send spies to open the mists. If we look on the other side, building time is quite short at the beginning of the game. Besides these, accelerations come constantly. So, it is possible that you come to a definite level. Your army is different four types; infantry, cavalry, archer, catapult. Except this, there are many historical characters in the game. It is possible for commanders to improve their levels and increase their capabilities and army capacity. The game updates constantly by game developers.

So, as a result, this game is worth to play that you could have enjoying times.

You can download Google Play Store or Apple App Store


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