Instantly Boost Your Energy In 28 Ways


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Your energy is of prime importance in your daily life. In fact, your energy level determines how much you can do and how far you can go.

Some things about your energy level

Are you one of those who is always worried about their energy level and needs to boost it up with gallons of tea and coffee? Or maybe you can’t manage to go through your daily grind without the help of some energy booster and find it difficult to ward off the inevitable midday drowsiness?

If you are, then the following twenty-eight tips will help you to boost your energy level; that too without any unknown chemicals.

How to boost up your energy level

  1. Be busy during the day – When you find that your energy level wanes during midday, stave off the impulse to lie down. Get yourself busy with some physical activities or better still, work out at the gym.
  2. Take chocolates – Apart from caffeine, the flavonoids in cocoa can elevate your mood and cognitive skills.
  3. Take a nap – A quick nap is known to give a boost to your energy level. A nap of ten to twenty minutes is sufficient enough to pack you up with energy to through the rest of the day.
  4. Take some coffee – Many people believe that drinking gallons of coffee are a sure way to heighten your energy level. But studies show that just one cup of coffee is enough.
  5. Go out – A walk in the park for twenty minutes can do wonders to your energy level.
  6. Take your food – Your energy level is directly related to the food you eat. Lack of food lowers the glucose level in the body and dampens your mood. So, take your snacks and meals on time. It also improves your cognitive functions.
  7. Eat complex carbs – Studies point out that complex carbs are the most suitable foods to elevate your energy level. They not only make you more energized but also provide the necessary glucose to the body.
  8. Go for sugar-free drinks – Some studies show that people feel sapped up only after one hour of taking the energy drinks that are charged with sugar. The effect is no better even in the case of sugary beverages without caffeine.
  9. Laugh – Laughter, apart from alleviating stress can boost your energy level. So, maybe you should join a laughter club.
  10. Stretch a little – Doing some bending and stretching exercises are a great way to rejuvenate your body. Adding a little bit of yoga to the exercise regimen is helpful.
  11. Be attuned to nature – Getting connected to your environment can elevate your mood. So, raise that curtains of windows and let the sunlight fill in your room.
  12. Chew a gum – Some studies show that chewing a piece of gum or sucking a bar of chocolate can improve alertness and concentration.
  13. Think fast – Thinking fast is one way to be excited about a task and increasing your energy level.
  14. Go for a cold bath – Taking a cold bath is one way to kill fatigue.
  15. Take some long, deep breath – Taking long, deep breaths improve blood circulation in the body. Proper blood circulation increases the energy level in the body.
  16. Keep a pot of plant – Houseplants have the capacity to filter ozone and some harmful organic compounds in the air.
  17. Drink water – Dehydration makes you enervated. So, always remember to drink the adequate amount of water.
  18. Sing loudly – Singing your favourite song loudly will undoubtedly heighten your mood. Singing, after all, needs to breathe control. Hence, you inhale a large amount of oxygen into your system which gives a boost to your energy level.
  19. Turn on the light – Lighten enlivens the mood. So, turning on the light makes you more alert.
  20. Lead a social life – People who have a vibrant social life are happy and energetic. So, try to be more active socially.
  21. Increase the volume of the sound – You can even make your toe-tapping favourite song louder as it acts as a catalyst for your energy level.
  22. Raise the room temperature – A colder surrounding send signals to the body to go to sleep. So, raise the room temperature and be alert and get busy with daily life in a vibrant manner.
  23. Sit by the windows – If you find it hard to concentrate and fight drowsiness in the classroom, sit by the window. The natural light and air streaming it would make you fresh and help you to be alert.
  24. Get hold of a lemon – Some scents have the power to elevate your moods. In this aspect, lemon oil is one of the best. Sniffing it will stimulate your body system and elevate your energy level.
  25. Choose the colour red – The colour red is known to possess the quality to boost your self-confidence. Hence, concentrate on a red or violet coloured flower or any other object and feel rejuvenated.
  26. Sit straight – Slouching during work is one way to get fatigued. Today’s young generation spend considerable time sitting in front of the computer. Take care not to slouch while doing it. Always sit in an erect position.
  27. Get busy in interesting things – Keep such types of works that you enjoy most in your day’s schedule during the time when you normally feel drowsy.
  28. Take a break from your desk – Always go out of your office to the nearby restaurant for lunch. The walk and the fresh air will rejuvenate you.


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