The VolksWagen Electric Truck Concept Became a Racing Car


The VW Group will release all traffic data. Buzz Cargo is a concept. This time the German automaker redesigned the Volkswagen I.D R concept, the electric vehicle prototype announced this year by Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

The VW Group truck presented the ID. The Buzz Cargo van – the colorful R dress, which includes the race schedule – at LA Auto Show in 2018. The VW Group has introduced the bicycle for all-electric cargoes.

Both concepts first appeared on September 69 at Hannover on the 69th IAA Commercial Vehicles show.

The identifier. Buzz Cargo is the merchant ID of the identifier. Buzz minibus, which appeared in 2017. The concept of the truck is longer with smaller 20-inch wheels than last year’s minibus and has a short front. The van receives 340 miles of one-time battery (during the WLTP cycle), and the sunroof can extend up to 9.3 miles a day.

The front and rear doors of the vehicle can be opened through a future sensor when autonomous vehicles deliver items to customers. The user opens the vehicle from the outside with a sensor that recognizes authorized personnel to use the digital key from the smartphone. The van has a wide, open rear door that opens the “connected” shelf system that allows tracking of all the items.

The van also has LED headlamps that illuminate the road and communicate interactively with pedestrians.

Concepts are odd things in the automotive industry. They will often never become reality. Instead, concepts should be considered as the compass, indicating that a particular car manufacturer may lead.

In this case, the e-Cargo bicycle will soon be ready. The three-wheeled bicycle, expected to begin in 2019, has a 250W lithium-ion battery. A cargo bicycle is able to handle 463 pounds of payload and is designed to keep the cargo horizontally.

The identifier. Meanwhile, Buzz Cargo began production in Europe in 2022 when VW was committed to manufacturing cars. The identifier. Buzz Cargo, even if it has never been completed, gains insight into VW’s plan.

The storage tank is built on Modular Electricity Inventory or MEB for the modular design of electric cars introduced in 2016. The first MEB models are expected to be ready by the end of 2019. According to the company, MEB platform buildings are more efficient electric vehicles.

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